The list of Polish national parks includes the following parks: Babiogórski, Białowieski, Biebrzański, Bieszczadzki, Drawieński, Gorczański, Kampinoski, Karkonoski, Magurski, Narwiański, Ojcowski, Pieniński, Poleski, Roztoczański, Słowiński, Świętokrzyski, Tatrzański, Wielkopolski, Wigierski and Wigierski National Parks – “Warta Mouth”, “Bory Tucholskie” and the Table Mountains.

Each of them is worth seeing, because each has its own unique atmosphere and qualities not available elsewhere. We have chosen our top 5!

1. Tatra National Park

The Tatra National Park is not only the king of Polish national parks. This is our national treasure. Even a one-day stay in the Tatras threatens with a strong and lifelong addiction: from fabulous views, from live culture and from adrenaline, which is triggered during hiking on some trails.

2. Białowieża National Park

It is a cross-border park (one part is in Poland and the other in Belarus).  This park is inscribed on the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage List. This park combines two rare aspects: the world’s largest population of wild bison and the last primeval forest in Europe. In other words, it is a real treat for those who want to see how the herds of North American bison looked like, whose bison are close relatives. The second group of tourists who should visit the park are archeology lovers. Only here you can feel the atmosphere of the times when the Neolithic population lived in close symbiosis with nature and the forest was their second home.

3. Wigry National Park

The landscape of the Wigry National Park is not the result of a violent cataclysm, but the tedious, almost imperceptible work of glaciers, which once covered the areas of the northern borders of today’s Augustów Forest. These glaciers have visited this part of Poland eight times, each time destroying everything in their path and leaving their deep mark on the landscape. The park’s current appearance is breathtaking. The most valuable part of this secluded oasis of greenery is Lake Wigry, whose depth exceeds 70 meters. It is a paradise for those who love water sports like sailing, fishing or kayaking.

4. Pieniny National Park

The most visited park in Poland. One of the reasons is the famous Dunajec gorge and the opportunity to admire the whitewashed Pieniny peaks from the deck of a raft. While the richness of the plant and animal world cannot be surprising (after all, it is a national park), what distinguishes the Pieniny particularly is their landscape values, and more precisely their uniqueness on a national scale.

5. Ojców National Park

Ojców National Park is a perfect combination of unusual geological forms (e.g. Hercules Mace), caves in which our ancestors hid from predators thousands of years ago and monuments such as castles in Pieskowa Skała and Ojców. The location of so many attractions on such a small area makes it a great way to relax for many residents of Lesser Poland and Silesia. A trip to the southern areas of the Kraków-Częstochowa Upland can be safely described as a journey to a completely different world.

Have you ever dreamed of traveling to the moon? Now you don’t have to be an astronaut or wait several decades! There are also amazing places on Earth that look like from the “Interstellar” movie.

Bardenas Reales in Spain is a unique UNESCO biosphere reserve. It covers an area of ​​approximately 42,000 ha. As befits a semi-arid area, there are no plants there. Small deep rivers run through deep gorges, flowing only during periods of rapid rainfall. The collected water later lies on the vast plains, creating shallow, extensive lakes to return to the atmosphere under the influence of summer drought. They can be visited in a variety of ways: on foot, by bike, on horseback and even by renting a segway. Located in the Navarra region in the north of Spain, the nearest airport is in Bilbao.

The Bisti Desert, located in northwestern New Mexico, is still known only to a few, which gives it an even more extraterrestial character.
Bisti Badlands is a place where forces of nature formed phenomenal rock formations. The landscape is formed by irregular waves of multi-colored sandstone and slate. High rock towers with tiny labyrinths were created by water, creating unimaginable shapes. To fly to this mysterious place, you must buy tickets to Las Vegas.

The Fish River Canyon in Namibia was founded 650 million years ago. It is absolutely gigantic, it stretches 161 km for a long time, its width is up to 27 meters, and the height is over half a kilometer! His irregular sculpture is due to the drying of the Fish River. It is the second largest canyon. Its bottom was used to create a great trekking route that reaches 90 km in length. In addition to interesting vegetation, you can also find here a lot of animals including leopards, mountain zebras, baboons, squirrels and goats.

In addition to these three amazing locations, there are many more places on earth that will surprise even the most demanding travelers. These places are distinguished by the fact that their uniqueness and cosmic appearance can be attributed only to the actions of nature.