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Plane tickets

In the area of ​​airline ticket booking we offer comprehensive information on all possible air connections around the world, including availability and price checking, route optimization, waiting time at transit airports, access to all published and unpublished IATA tariffs and tour operator rates, negotiation of rates for specific categories of traffic (eg groups of employees flying regularly in one direction), conducting negotiations with airlines on your behalf to conclude 3-sided agreements that may provide additional discounts or even free air tickets.

Polish Travel Quo Vadis since 1997, since the office became a member of IATA, emphasizes the professional and comprehensive service of all orders related to air travel, booking and sale of IATA airline tickets and LOW Cost for companies, both for individual passengers, as well as for flights group. A team of qualified and experienced air cashiers can help, consult and manage reservations in the global reservation systems Amadesus and Galileo.

Booking of airline tickets online

As part of booking and selling airline tickets for companies, we offer our clients the best air connections according to the client’s inquiry and the company’s travel policy, free flight ticket reservations, free check-in, handling any changes to airline ticket reservations, changes and returns of pre-purchased air tickets, possible support of complaint processes, support for loyalty programs, a convenient form of settlements, cost reporting, travel statements, supervision of an account manager, as well as a free help desk in the 24h / 7 system.

Notwithstanding the above, Polish Travel Quo Vadis has its own search engine and flight tickets system, Aironline.pl, where you can make a reservation and purchase an airline ticket.

Flight tickets cheaper

For business trips, tickets for “tomorrow” are most often booked. This is of course the most expensive way to book your airline ticket. Airlines use the general principle of the closer to the date of travel, the more expensive. It is also expensive if the departure is in the morning and returning the same day in the evening. It may be cheaper if we decide to stay overnight and return the next day, even after taking into account the price of accommodation. Another mistake may be to buy return tickets. Failure to register for the check-in beginning the first flight  will automatically cancel all subsequent parts of the planned journey. Sometimes it is worth checking, if two separate tickets are not cheaper. This certainly allows much more flexibility and more possibilities for maneuver, when the travel plan changes. Another costly mistake may be to order the cheapest air tickets. Unfortunately, the cheapest tickets usually do not allow any changes and cancellations. So the cheapest airline tickets can sometimes be very expensive. The difference in the price of a ticket in a non-returnable and refundable tariff may be relatively small and sometimes worth paying.

It is worth to use the professional advice of the Polish Travel Quo Vadis cashier before the purchase.

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Business Travel Management

The Polish Travel Quo Vadis travel agency from Warsaw offers comprehensive incoming travel services for companies. Including hotel reservations, airline tickets, travel insurance, car rental, visa services and railway ticket sales. We are a travel agency based in the center of Warsaw, we have an IATA accredited agent license, we sell airline tickets for all IATA airlines as well as low-cost carriers. We offer airline tickets search and hotel search engine. We reserve hotels in Poland and abroad. We organize MICE events – meetings, incentives, conferences and events. We organize group trips, business trips, company meetings, trainings, trips to fairs and conferences, and organize trips to business missions.

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