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Airbus surprised everyone at this year’s “Air Tattoo” exhibition in the UK. The company presented an extremely innovative and future-oriented turboprop aircraft named “Bird of Prey”.

What is so unprecedented about it? First of all, the shape. It is a tribute of designers to nature, because its form is inspired by the characteristics of flying birds like eagles, above all, the wings show this similarity.

The concept was created, only to inspire the future of aviation technology, the plane will not be built. The “Bird of Prey” project was designed for regional transport, with a maximum of 80 passengers on board. During the flight he would burn 30-50% less fuel than similar aircraft of this type.

The main mission of the project is to reduce emissions of harmful pollutants by 50% by 2050, this is also the company’s goal.

Although the plane won’t be built, the vision itself sounds very intriguing.

Picture source: Airbus